Meetings Returning In January 2019

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Exploring the timeless wisdom Dr. Deming’s teachings and the comprehensive and grounded management method he describes.

Dr. Deming provided a basis to examine current theories and practices, as well as exploring possible better practices. These new insights can be readily adopted by any organization in preparing for the future. 

It was the ideas of an American, W. Edwards Deming that transformed Japanese industry after the devastation wrought by World War II. His teachings demonstrated that as better practices are introduced, quality improves, costs decline, and performance excellence is easier to achieve, resulting in competitive edge.

Dr. Deming wrote in a ‘Statement for conversation with Vice President’s Staff’:

     American industry, our service, our government, and our education are today in an invisible prison. The walls of the prison are made of basic assumptions about economics and human behavior that are outmoded in the global economy of today. Hard work and best efforts in this prison will not release us.
     What is required is total reconstruction. Mending the fence will accomplish nothing toward the reconstruction that is necessary. We need to throw overboard the theories and practices of the present, and build afresh.
     …The answer to our problem lies in knowledge from outside the prison. The knowledge may be described as Profound Knowledge.

These words are as relevant today as they were two decades ago.

Although our monthly meetings are currently suspended, past sessions were interactive. Participants read the material, pull out the meaning, and relate that meaning to their situation. The meeting provides a forum to exploring large concepts in small chunks and discuss ideas with like-minded people.

Our learning guide is Dave Nave. He is on the Board of Directors of The Deming Cooperative, a graduate of the Deming Scholars MBA Program at Fordham University and a student of Dr. Deming’s theories and applications for over 30 years. He has selected by The W. Edwards Deming Institute to help reconfigure Dr. Deming’s famous ‘Four Day Seminar’, and co-facilitated all 4-Day Video Seminar for Advanced Studies.

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